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                                      State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Seaweed Substances is approved by the State Ministry of science and technology, in October 2015 by the China seaweed industry leading enterprises in Qingdao bright moon seaweed group in response to the national economic development strategy and the construction of blue, is the West Coast District of Qingdao, and the State Key Laboratory of marine biological field first enterprise. The State Key Laboratory of integrated technology, built China's first national seaweed industry and innovation platform: including the national enterprise technology center, National Engineering Research Center, National 863 program achievement industrialization demonstration base, National Marine Science Research Center demonstration base, seaweed industry incubator and high level of innovation, business platform, including the formation of basic research, technology development, engineering, industrial incubator four integrated system innovation, the system won the two prize of Shandong province science and technology progress. At the same time, set up a post doctoral research workstation, the provincial academician workstation, Qingdao academicians, expert workstations and other series of personnel support platform.    MORE >>
                              Address:Azalea road in Huangdao district and Qingdao City Yongjun Road intersection
                              Tel:Dr Jiang:(+86)0532-86612652、Dr Zhao:(+86)0532-86612631
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